Member of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia Visits SBRS and Pintsch

Stefan Zimkeit, Member of Parliament for Dinslaken, paid a visit to SBRS and Pintsch and was shown the production and development laboratories during a tour of the factories.
“An important contribution to the transportation transition is being made here,” Stefan Zimkeit noted, “because we need to fight climate change and create an independent supply of energy while avoiding social upheaval.” In conversation with representatives of the works councils, Zimkeit learned that Pintsch and SBRS are examples of how sustainable jobs are created and secured in Dinslaken.

Oliver Fellner, Head of Sales at Pintsch, used the example of safety technology to illustrate the role that SBRS and Pintsch need to be playing in the upgrading and much-needed digitalisation of the railways. “It is important that not only large, well-known corporations are awarded contracts in this area,” Stefan Zimkeit agreed. Modular railway interlocking systems, level crossing protection systems, door controls and headlights for rail vehicles are among the specialised products developed and manufactured in Dinslaken. Although the Pintsch company is already over 175 years old, the atmosphere there is reminiscent of a start-up company “, observed Zimkeit. There is no such thing as an assembly line in our production department, says SBRS Managing Director Thomas Milewski. SBRS provides customised craftsmanship, he says, explaining the many individual solutions.

“A fairly new business segment of ours is the creation of charging infrastructure for electric buses,” says Thomas Milewski. SBRS works council member Norbert Wieskotten adds, “Our background is in the rail sector and are able to draw on this experience.” In the meantime, bus charging stations from Dinslaken have been installed in numerous cities. “This is how we are managing to transition away from fossil fuels,” says Stefan Zimkeit as he watches the live, incoming data from the charging processes at the SBRS stations in Osnabruck and Brussels, on four giant monitors. “These two Dinslaken companies are both gems that are driving very important innovations,” stressed the SPD Member of the State Parliament, at the end of his visit.

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