SBRS Commissions E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure in Ingelheim

The Ingelheim Transport Authority selected the charging specialist from Dinslaken as part of a tendering process, after previously procuring buses from Heuliez Iveco with plug-in charging technology in a separate tendering procedure.

This manufacturer’s buses, a newcomer in Germany, are easily charged using the SBRS charging technology and presented no complications. Harsh environmental conditions prevail at the installation sites in Ingelheim, caused by brake dust generated by railway vehicles operating in the immediate vicinity. This was countered using air-cooled chargers, which draw air from the side of the facility facing away from the railway tracks. The routing of the charging cable by means of a curved supporting guide significantly simplifies the handling of the charging points. Rolling in the cable is no longer necessary. The problems associated with the considerable distance of 50 m from the charger to the charging point were eliminated by using one earth per charging point, thus ensuring that lightning protection is maintained.

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