Project examples

In this section, we would like to provide you with further information on some of the projects in which SBRS – Efficiency First has been involved. If you have any questions about these reference projects or require further information, please feel free to contact us any time at or +49 02064 602 600.

As of today, SBRS – Efficiency First has provided safe and efficient charging infrastructure in more than 30 European cities as well as to a number of projects abroad.

An Example from Cologne, Germany

Installation of charging infrastructure connected to the electricity network of the local tram company and a MuLI station; the energy generated during the braking processes of the trams is stored and used for charging electric vehicles.

  • 53 depot chargers
  • 11 line chargers
  • 1 MuCi station

An Example from Osnabruck, Germany

Installation of overnight and intermediate charging infrastructure both in depots and deployed throughout the network; 80% of the entire bus fleet has already been converted to e-mobility.

  • 63 depot chargers
  • 21 line chargers

An Example from Kiel, Germany

Installation of charging infrastructure for e-buses in addition to five fast-charging stations for e-boats that are operated as ferries.

  • 40 Depot Chargers
  • 21 line chargers
  • 5 fast charging station for e-boats

An Example from Brussels, Belgium

Installation of infrastructure in the Brussels Metro to provide charging capability for the e-bus fleet.

  • 24 depot chargers
  • 4 line chargers

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