SBRS – Efficiency First solutions provides modular, fast charging systems for e-buses that are specifically adapted to the needs of public transportation. As a result of our decades of experience in the rail sector, our chargers are distinguished by the following characteristics:


In public spaces in particular, the issue of system safety is extremely important. We ensure the safe operation of our equipment as follows:

  • Access protection and safety switches
  • Integrated safety loop from the charger to the battery pack
  • High-quality isolating devices (to guard against the risk of electric arcs)
  • Central control system for monitoring all system parameters
  • The use of dedicated hardware for monitoring, without the need for software

High Availability

A further central consideration for our customers is the high availability of the charging infrastructure. We ensure this as follows:

  • The use of high-quality components from the railway industry
  • The use of components with an extended operating temperature range
  • A reduction in the failure rate, as a result of proficient cooling
  • Generous dimensioning, for continuous operation, even at high switching rates
  • Redundancy (parallel connection of several power sections)

High Efficiency

Losses in the charger need to be dissipated as heat. When using fans, this makes it difficult to deploy them in residential areas, due to the noise generated. If the losses are high, this leads to significant additional operating costs. SBRS – Efficiency First therefore placed considerable emphasis on achieving the best efficiency when designing the chargers. In comparison with other systems, they achieve savings of several thousand euros per year.

High Charging Voltages for E-buses

Large vehicle – large battery pack. Exceptional requirements apply to the level of charging voltage, which our products are well able to satisfy. Voltages of 1.500 V and more can be configured.

High Charging Output

Due to the limitations of power density in today’s batteries and the restricted installation space, e-buses are dependent on frequent stops during which the battery needs to be recharged. In order to keep waiting times at the stops as short as possible, a very large charger rating is required. SBRS  – Efficiency First delivers systems supplying up to 1 MW – but higher ratings are also feasible.

Support for Green Mobility

SBRS – Efficiency First is aware of its responsibility as a company to protect our environment and resources by using sustainable technologies, while simultaneously increasing the quality of life.

Everyone is talking about e-mobility at the moment – but we aim to fill the talk with tangible content. For example, we see one of the first real commercial applications in the field of local public passenger transportation. The new electric buses hold the promise of emission-free, environmentally friendly and quiet access to our inner cities. These buses fulfil the combination of the desire to drive vehicles in low emission zones and the need to transport large numbers of people.

In order to operate e-buses at the frequency expected by the public, buses equipped with fast-charging batteries are absolutely essential. SBRS – Efficiency First supplies the necessary fast chargers – individually configured to meet your requirements.

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