Quality and Certification

All of the SBRS products and services satisfy the highest quality standards. To guarantee and document this for our customers, we use state-of-the-art testing facilities.

During the development phase, our products undergo extensive type testing to ensure that all of the relevant requirements are satisfied. Among other things, we use an accredited EMC test laboratory, a climatic chamber and a UIC high-voltage test facility for this purpose. Each of our products also undergoes a comprehensive series test before delivery to the customer.

We provide our customers with UIC high-voltage testing equipment for quality assurance during the deployment of our products. These test instruments can be used to carry out performance, functionality and insulation tests on the vehicles, in compliance with railway regulations.

Therefore we must work together to drive forward electromobility!

An overview of our ISO certificates and other documents and approvals as evidence of our quality standards is given below (all documents are in German).

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