SBRS – Charging solutions

SBRS – Charging Solutions is your partner for sustainable mobility and logistics. We develop high-performance, reliable charging infrastructure solutions for the e-mobility fleets of municipalities, public transport companies and businesses. Simply purchasing a fleet of electric vehicles is by no means the end of the story. Safe, fast and reliable charging solutions are just as important for the successful introduction of e-mobility Our customers are assured of the highest quality and trust our many years of experience in the development and project planning of charging solutions for e-buses, e-trucks and e-boats. SBRS – Charging Solutions provides the complete planning, implementation and integration service for your charging infrastructure – all from a single, dedicated source.

Clean Vehicles Directive

The legal implementation of the EU regulation “Clean Vehicles Directive” gives municipalities and transport companies in particular specific requirements for converting their fleets to clean e-mobility. The implementation of the EU’s “Clean Vehicles Directive” imposes specific requirements on municipalities and public transport companies to convert their vehicle fleets to clean e-mobility. Further information can be found on the website of the German Federal Ministry of Transport: .

We would be happy to provide you with detailed advice if you have any questions about the directive, the consequences for your fleet of vehicles or an individually tailored charging infrastructure.

Scalability and Redundancy

A key feature of our products is their modular design, which enables us to realise a wide range of performance requirements quickly and easily, while keeping costs in check. Depending on the number of power modules chosen, the maximum power output can be determined by the operator and thus optimised to requirements. Not only does the maximum output rise with the number of modules configured, but the level of availability also increases. For example, by disconnecting a defective module, operation can be maintained at a reduced level of power.

Schaltbau supports the Charging Interface Initiative e. V. (CharIn)

The Schaltbau Group is a member of the Charging Interface Initiative e. V. (CharIN e. V. for short). We supply fast charging systems ranging from 50 to 500 kW (although we can deliver up to 2 MW) and support the adoption of the uniform charging standard CCS (Combined Charging System) for electric vehicles. Schaltbau’s aim is to bring together the requirements arising from High Power Charging (HPC) with those from the field of electric buses.

We attach great importance to global standardisation in order to prevent the simultaneous proliferation of various proprietary special solutions. At Schaltbau, we aim to help CharIN move closer to a breakthrough in electro mobility. The Schaltbau Group develops and supplies systems and components for transportation technology and industrial applications throughout the world. The drivers of sustainable, profit-oriented expansion are the global mega-trends of increasing urbanisation, rising world trade and growing environmental awareness.

The Group’s companies contribute to safe, low-emission mobility, the efficient movement of goods and to renewable energy. With our specific expertise and the high degree of innovation embodied in our products, we have earned the trust of our customers and will continue to build the market position we have achieved through targeted research and development activities.

Our focus on new customer groups and increased market penetration due to strategic acquisitions in the core markets are opening new perspectives, as well as generating additional potential. These are the key factors and the basis for the Schaltbau Group’s organic growth.

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