Software solutions

System Orange – real-time monitoring and control of large charging networks

Many municipalities, transport operators and private companies are very focused on the acquisition of electric vehicles, but underestimate the importance of an efficient charging infrastructure. In addition to high-performance hardware, SBRS – Efficiency First  also offers the complementary “System Orange”, an intelligent software solution that safely and reliably charges your fleet of vehicles.

The decisive feature of this approach is that System Orange offers you real-time monitoring and control of large charging networks rolled into a single system:


The Communicator captures the status and data from the chargers in real time

O chip

The O-Chip protocol robustly transmits this data to a backend system


ChargeView presents data in real time in the form of visualised data via web view for browsers or app view for both browsers and the app


History allows the analysis of previously acquired data


BalanceStar safeguards the infrastructure by means of reliable load management

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