Open day on 23.09.2023 at KVG in Kiel

Presentation of the new e-buses, the charging infrastructure and Kiel 3.0

This year’s Open Day of the Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft took place on 23.09.2023. Especially the new electric buses, the charging infrastructure and the workshop were presented – a great event with about 5,000 visitors.

The atmosphere was relaxed and the visitors were very interested.

SBRS did not miss the opportunity to present the charging technology with its stations, hoods and truss systems. We were also able to help the visitors with the quiz, which was about the number of installed charging points on the depot 😊.
SBRS was on site with a pavilion and not only once the question came up why we appear with a Shell logo. In addition, many good and interested questions were asked about the charging infrastructure and the e-buses. During the many conversations it became clear: The people of Kiel are supporting the conversion of transport to electric buses!

The “climate bus” was appropriately foiled to make clear the urgency of the decarbonization issue. +4.0 °C temperature increase if we do nothing! But with the new buses and the charging infrastructure, the people of Kiel are on the right track.
The next expansion stage, Kiel 3.0, is also moving forward. In total, 43 charging points will be installed at the Diedrichstraße depot and a further 15 fast charging points with up to 500 kW will be installed at four locations in the city.
The expansion of the first location at the Botanical Garden is already in progress. On 26.09.2023, the masts were placed, one station is already in place, the second will follow. The construction work is to be completed before the end of 2023.

Also planned for this year is the construction of two charging stations with four charging points at the Olympia Center. If the weather plays along, this work should also be completed this year.
So there is still a lot to do – but we are well on the way!