Successful start of cooperation between SBRS and Duvenbeck

Recently, two 150 kW chargers from SBRS were successfully put into operation at the Duvenbeck Group.

For SBRS, this is not only a contribution to Green Logistics at Duvenbeck, but also a project of a special kind.

Duvenbeck in Bocholt and SBRS in Dinslaken are only 35 km apart. However, it is not only the physical proximity that is special about this project, but also the chargers that have been set up there. At the end of 2023, they were installed “portable” for Duvenbeck’s 5 Volvo e-trucks. The chargers are “portable ” in that only a forklift is needed to change their location.

The 5 Volvo trucks are on the road twenty-four hours a day for the internal factory transport. SBRS GmbH and the Duvenbeck Group have developed a special charging and driving plan for this purpose. In addition, two additional electric vehicles were purchased so that not only a driver change but also a trailer change can occur without factory traffic coming to a standstill or being affected. This ensures that sufficient charging times are available for each e-truck and at the same time guarantees a quick change of vehicles.

The special circulation plan required for the new e-fleet was developed and implemented jointly by SBRS and the Duvenbeck Group.

We think – a successful project!