Another major order from Kieler Verkehrsbetriebe (KVG) – expansion step 3

If you click on the website of KVG in Kiel, you will quickly come to the following information:

With the 67 electric buses in operation, 4.5 million km have already been driven and about 5,000 t of CO2 saved. Impressive!

And it goes on. At the depot in Dietrichstraße and four other external locations (including the Olympiazentrum and StrandOrt), up to 37 additional charging points are to be built, about half of which will be fast chargers with 500 kW.

This makes Kiel one of the pioneers in electromobility. Within three years, a third of the fleet has already been electrified.

The low-noise, liquid-cooled and highly reliable charging technology from SBRS, which has already proven itself in many places in the city, will also be used for the new order.

We are pleased about the order and the cooperation with KVG.

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